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Monday, October 12, 2009

Draw and Write Through History: Creation through Jonah

Mel's Thoughts:
We had the opportunity to review part of the Draw and Write Through History series, Creation through Jonah.  This series was written by a fellow homeschooling mama, who has a passion for children and history. 

This first book in the series covers several topics, including Creation, Noah's Ark/Ice Age, The Tower of Babel, Egypt: The Pyramid Age, China, Joseph/Moses, Trojan Horse/David, and Jonah.  For each section, there is a cover page that gives the approximate dates or time frame for each event, which makes it really neat to compare when things happened in relation to each other.  The illustrations are colorful and really fit the whole theme of the book. 

The book uses art, writing, and history to teach the child about these events.  For example, in the section about Creation, the child will learn how to draw plants and trees, dinosaurs, and people.  There are step-by-step instructions, so that the child can see his drawing come to life as he follows each step.  At the end of each section is a full copywork page with cursive writing.  This helps the child not only learn about the topic, but it gives him practice in penmanship skills.  I'm looking forward to using these copywork pages with Jacob as we go along.  

Jacob actually did a drawing of the Phoenician merchant ship....he is fascinated by ancient history right now, and this went along really well with what we have been studying in history for a while now.  He was really happy to see instructions on how to draw the Trojan Horse, since he loves that story so much....but he hasn't done that one yet.  You can actually see a sample art lesson from that section here

This book is priced at $12.00, which I really feel (for us anyway) is a fair price.  With 63 pages total, it could be used to supplement a history or an art or even a writing curriculum; I wouldn't recommend using it as a stand-alone curriculum, since it only covers certain topics throughout ancient history, and it doesn't give a lot of details, but it would make an excellent supplement, in my opinion.  It is designed for children 8 and older. 

(Disclosure: We were provided with this free product by the author of Draw and Write.)

Melissa J

I was just telling my husband, the more I spend time teaching the daycare kids their shapes and colors, the more I am convinced that a hands on, experiential approach to learning is the best way for kids to receive and retain information. For that very reason, I am thrilled with the Draw and Write Through History Series.  

The Draw and Write Through History; Creation through Jonah starts at Day Three of Creation and teaches what was created on Day 3, by having a drawing lesson on plants. What child will ever forget what was created on Day 3 when they learn to draw the very thing that was created? The same lesson also include a lesson on drawing trees. 

As the book proceeds, drawing lessons include how to draw people, the ark, a silkworm moth, Moses, frogs, and even a Trojan Horse. 

This book contains one more element in addition to teaching facts and drawing. . . it also combines an element of cursive writing. Students take their learning even further, practicing their cursive writing by copying the history lesson that is presented.   

The Draw and Write History Series is really, a three-for-one package and homeschooling parents - - and perhaps even non-homeschooling parents--will find it a valuable resource for teaching their children history.


Stephanie October 12, 2009 at 12:00 PM  

Posted and pinged! :-) Loved this book!!

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