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Saturday, August 29, 2009

* Crayola Beginnings Tadoodles *

* This review was done by Melissa J *

What a fun way to introduce your little one to the world of art! Crayola Beginnings First Marks BUV was worth every penny I've paid and to my amazement, hasn't run out yet - - though it has been used regularly in our household.

Put out by Crayola, these little paint animals are big enough for little hands to grip and manipulate. With a simple press on the paint pad, the paint flows and eager hands can smear the colors as much as they please. Chances are, they'll get it on them as well as the paper, but it washes off easily enough.

Color names are all a part of the fun, with fun tags like "Yes, Yes Yellow", "Bouncy Blue", "Oopsie Orange", "Buddy Black", "Patty Cake Purple", and "Please Pink".

Fun names aren't all there is either. Yellow is a baby chick, blue is an elephant, orange is a cat, purple is a hippo, pink is a pig, and black is a penguin that will bring a smile, even to an adult's face.

Each of these Tadoodles come in a little cart with wheels, so when your child has tired of painting they can continue to develop their motor skills by pushing the cart around. And trust me, they will! For hours!

The only issue I had with these, is that the paint is thin, if my toddler pressed down too hard, alot came out. With a small piece of thin paper, this made for a bit of a mess. I found that large sheets of poster board or finger painting paper was better to use, than a traditional letter size piece of paper. Still, as stated before, the paint was easily washed off and the issue was one I could deal with.

For similar resources for little hands, check out Crayola's Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles Easy Stampers BUV

and Crayola 3ct. Washable All-In--One Paint Orange, Purple, Green


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