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Saturday, August 29, 2009

* Hands-on-Learning Flash Cards, Colors and Shapes *

* This review was done by Melissa J *

The Scholastic
Hands-on-Learning Colors and Shapes Flash Cards

Some people think I'm a bit over the top, but I'm starting preschool at 22 months with my daughter. She loves to learn and I just happen to love to teach! Scholastic makes our teaching - learning times fun and easy with their Hands-on-Learning, Colors and Shapes Flash Cards.

Specifically geared for ages 2 - 5, the entire box contains 12, two-sided cards. These cards contain bright pictures with texture, to help teach each color and shape. For example, the color brown is taught with the picture of a rabbit, which has brown soft fur inserted into the picture. Below this rabbit are three additional pictures - - chocolate, a kangaroo, and wood - -to show the color brown.

Yellow is shown using a lemon that has a textured peel to it. Below this are three additional pictures of bananas, sunflower, and the sun.

The cards that contain shapes also have a cut-out of that particular shape in the top of the card.

Twenty four cards in all, counting the front and back of each of the twelve cards. My daughter thinks they're nothing but fun. She hasn't learned yet that learning is boring, thanks to these! (Hopefully, she never will!)

These cards are not stingy in size and are made of a very durable cardboard that will be difficult for even the most active toddler to destroy. The retail value of these cards runs $9.95 and is worth the investment so much, I also went ahead and bought the ABC's, Hands-on Learning

and the Numbers, Hands-on Learning cards.

Check out Scholastic.com for more incredible learning and teaching tools for you and your child!


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