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Saturday, August 29, 2009

* Thomas Nelson, Read and Share Bible *

* This review was done by Melissa J*

My daughter is not old enough to sit still yet, for family Bible reading time, but she did sit still to watch the Bible Stories on Thomas Nelson's Read and Share DVD Bible- Volume 1. This really pleased me, a mother who is passionate about her children growing up in the Word of God.

The Read and Share Bible contains the following stories:

1. The Beginning - Six Days of Creation

2. Adam and Eve - Sneaky Snake; Out of the Garden

3. The Flood - Noah's Big Boat; Animals Inside; The Dove; The Rainbow

4. Abram - Promised Land; Ambrahm's Visitors; Sarah Laughs: Baby Isaac

5. Isaac and Rebekah - A Wife for Isaac; Water for the Camels; Rebekah

6. Jacob and Esau - The Twins: Sneaky Jacon; Foolish Esau

7. Rachel - A Ladder to Heaven; Rachel; Tricked by Laban

8. Home Again - Jacob Wrestles with God; Jacob and Esau Meet

9. Jesus is Born - Mary's Big Surpirse; Joseph Marries Mary; Sleepy Shepherds: Gifts for Baby Jesus.

10. John the Baptist - Angel's Message; A Baby Named John; John Baptizes Jesus

11. Jesus Tempted by Satan - Stones to Bread Top of the Temple; Kindgoms of the World

12. Jesus Loves Children - Healing a Sick Boy; Bringing a Girl Back to Life; Loaves and Fishes

13. One Lost Sheep - A Son Spends His Money; Eating Pig's Food; Home to Father

The animation is simplistic, yet is well done enough to captivate a small child.

The narration is mixed for me. The male voice does not seem "kid friendly" to me though the female narrator's voice is.

Each story sticks to the Biblical story though some artistic license is used. For example, the animated characters of Noah and his wife are playing checkers on the ark. I do not find this a problem as the stories themselves are completely in line with the actual Bible story.

The only precaution I would offer, is that in the story of Jesus being tempted, Satan is portrayed as an animated figure in a dark brown cloak with just blackness for his face. Smaller children may be frightened by this.

The Read and Share Bible has additional DVD's containing more Bible stories and it is my hope that we can add every one of them to our personal library.


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