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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

* Holly and Hal Moose, Product Review *

Hal and Holly Moose were another part of my MomSelect Holiday Pack.  When I first saw them, my first thought was, "Oh, what cute holiday decorations!"  

My daughter and daycare kids have had other plans for Hal and Holly, however. Dressing and undressing Hal and Holly has provided endless hours of entertainment.

Holly stands at 16" tall and has the cutest little ski outfit on - one that accommodates her tail and ears, with little slits for them in the pants and hat.  She has tiny Ugg boots, jeans, a white undershirt that lies under her red, down, zip-up jacket. She's topped off with a red bow in her hair and a ski hat.

Hal, also stands at a sturdy 16" high, has black boots, with jeans, undershirt, and a grey camo jacket (loving that jacket!). Topping him off are ski goggles and lights on his antlers. A press to his hand results in these lights flashing for a brief period of time, something, that of course, thrills the little ones.

Hal and Holly came with a book, Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure.  This adventure, I discovered, can actually be watched on Hulu, but the book is just as entertaining with it's colorful illustrations.

This is more than a short children's story. It's actually a book with chapters. In this particular adventure, Hal and Holly have to work together to save Christmas and help Santa make his yearly flight.

As an added bonus to a delightful story that may just become a Christmas tradition, the book jacket actually unfolds to become a large wall poster. This too may become a yearly tradition, to get out and hang on a child's wall, as the book is read and the DVD is watched.

Hal and Holly are a charming duo that would make a great gift for any child and/or even, family and are sure to be a part of Christmas in homes everywhere, in years to come!


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