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Thursday, December 17, 2009

* Boz, the Green Bear Next Door *

*I received a complimentary product through Momselect for review purposes. 
 One of the things that I found in my Holiday Pack from Mom Select, were two Boz, the Green Bear Next Door,  DVD's. This was the first time I had ever heard of this series and the first time my daughter and daycare kids every watched them. Talk about astounded when the first DVD ended and they all asked to watch it a second time. I have never had that happen with any other videos in my household!

We received Boz The Green Bear Next Door: Thank You God For Bananas, Bubbles & Busy Bodies. I found the animation exceptionally well done, as well as attractive to both little and adult eyes (as opposed to flat, one-dimensional animation). But it was more than the animation that attracted me. It was the concepts within the video. Exclaim Entertainment uses Boz, the Green Bear, to introduce common sense things to children, such as taking baths, eating healthy fruits and vegetables, and bodies growing stronger each day. 

I love how each episode ends with the characters praying and that, in the midst of the episodes, the characters talk about God as if He was a part of their lives, instead of distant and unreachable.

Trailer for
Bananas, Bubbles & Busy Bodies

We also received Boz the Bear - A Wowiebozowee Christmas. The kids have watched this DVD five times in two weeks. Not because I'm relying on it for my parenting but because they are bringing it to me and asking for it! Boz the Bear - A Wowiebozowee Christmas, runs for approx. 45 minutes. The theme of the DVD is a lesson for preschoolers in the joy of giving gifts from the heart. To catch a sneak peek of this video, go here

Are these videos worth the price? Yes! Absolutely. Preschoolers love them (at least in my home they do) and they learn valuable lessons from watching him - from B-o-zs and 1-2-3sto Using their Imaginations. Boz is a green bear that we will be adding into our DVD collection in the coming year. This Mama gives him two thumbs up!


Kristi December 25, 2009 at 9:03 PM  

My kids love Boz (although now at 5 and 7 they have pretty much outgrown him. We own just about every book and I love that each book ends the same and my son still recites it, "wherever you are near or far, God loves you and I do too."

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