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Monday, November 23, 2009

* Tales from Terrestria *

I had never heard of Ed Dunlop, much less his books, until two months ago when Mel contacted him for Mama Buzz. How glad I am, that this author's writing has come into my awareness. In a few more weeks I'll be reviewing one of this series on here but in the meantime, I want to introduce a three book series (eventually 7 book series) he currently has at his website Tales of Castles.

Tales from Terrestria is a series that can stand alone. In other words, the books do not need to be read any particular order. While based in the kingdom of Terrestria as it's foundation, each story is unique in it's own right and does not build on the previous book.

Book 1 is The Quest forThunder Mountain, a book I have not had the privilege of reading. However, if it is like the Chronicles of Terrestria series I am reading, it is a book that families will want to buy so they can begin building this series to their library!  In complete honesty, I highly recommend Ed's books.

Photobucket The Quest for Thunder Mountain

The Quest for Thunder Mountain, written to show the wonder of doing the will of God, is the first book in the new young adult allegory series Tales from Terrestria, a companion series to the Terrestria Chronicles.

Ages 10 and up

Price $7.99


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