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Friday, November 20, 2009

* Mom2Mom: The New Work Out Program *

"Darn! Another day without a work out!"  This thought crossed my mind as my morning passed into lunch time without one free time slot for a work out.

This has been a constant frustration of mine since beginning daycare. Even if I can find time between breakfast time and snack time, between craft time and story time, it is inevitable, that as soon as I begin, someone will burst out into a scream of rage. Or I'll smell poop. Or I'll hear a crash.

With a sigh of frustration I will hit the top button on the DVD player and attend to the children at the cost of neglecting the cellulite on my back thighs and triceps muscles that hangs a little too low when I wave goodbye. Most days, this frustrates me more than not even trying to work out, and so, the days have passed since my last really good work out.


However . . . as a busy daycare provider and Mama, I think there are some things in my day that should count as a workout. Carrying a kicking, flailing screaming toddler to time out should definitely count as some sort of calorie burn. And lugging laundry baskets to and from my basement should definitely be the equivalent of the Stairmaster. Oh, and don't forget being a pretend horse or dog on all fours for the kids. Surely that equals some intense yoga positions!

In all seriousness, I came to the conclusion today, there are some things I can do to tone up my muscles without a workout. Sure, a work out is ideal but on the days that it just can't be done, there are some other things I can do.

~  While doing dishes I can work on standing up straight, abs pulled in, butt squeezed tight. My normal position is the tired-mom slump. Shoulders rounded, tummy out, and who knows what my butt is doing. But I am attempting to be aware of my muscle groups while standing there at the sink and consciously holding them in a taut position, releasing ever so often, then tightening again.

    I'm trying to practice these same dynamics when I type, fold laundry, clean anything, and even read books.

~ Lifting the kids up into hugs. Instead of using my back, I'm focusing on using my bicep, shoulder, and back muscles. Do this enough times in a day and I've done some serious weight lifting. Not to mention, the kids got a ton of hugs throughout their day.

~ Just a few minutes in the kitchen, standing on my tip toes for 25 repeated movements, toes straight ahead. Then, again, with them pointed out. A third time, with them pointed in. There are my calf muscles!

~ I've already been doing this for years--parking as far away from the store as possible. Getting in that nice, brisk walk to and from.

~  Winter is coming quickly and the kids are housebound like I am. They could use some exercise too. I have been doing stretching for my own circulation and have gathered the children up with me as I do it. They love it. We also found a kids yoga tape that they giggle to and I join them. I must look like an idiot doing "ground airplanes" but at least they're staying out of trouble and I'm getting in some form of exercise!  And these days, some form is better than no form.


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