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Friday, November 6, 2009

Big Thoughts For Little People by Kenneth N. Taylor

* Disclosure: Mama Buzz, and reviewers, were provided with a complimentary copy of this book for blog tour purposes*


Big Thoughts for Little People by Kenneth N. Taylor

Ages 3-7

Hardcover retails for $14.99

Melissa J's Thoughts:

I have already read a few of these little chapters to my daughter and daycare kids, but this won't be the last time I read big Thoughts for Little People to them. Once we get into our ABC's, I'll be using this book daily as our devotional boo, instead of just a book to read at reading time. This is because each chapter is built around each letter of the alphabet. What a wonderful 2-in-1 book!

The illustrations are so nice and bright and the kids love to examine them. They can stay parked on one page for several minutes just due to the artwork!

Each letter of the alphabet introduces a character trait or "theme" such as "Forgiving" or "God" or "Unselfish" or "Worship".  The one page chapter starts out with a rhyming verse, then has a short paragraph or two to read through, followed by three questions to discuss with your child. 

As an added extra, there are lady bugs in each of the pages, that children can try to find. Kind of like "Where's Waldo?". :) It adds some fun after the discussion time. 

For the price this book is, families are getting their money's worth. This can be used as a homeschool text book to teach character traits or it can be used as a family devotional book. It is a book that any child's library will be enhanced by.

Mel's Thoughts:
Ok, I must say that this book is a winner in our house.  Any book that allows me to just sit and hold my toddler wins my approval.:)  I could not believe that the whole time I read to him and his brother each day, he sat and just enjoyed the pictures and relaxed!  It allowed for some precious times together. 

Big Thoughts For Little People- ABC's to Help You Grow, is a wonderful children's devotional type of book.  Each letter of the alphabet stands for a Godly principle that is taught with just a couple of paragraphs and a picture.  The pictures in the book are colorful and full of activity.  All of them portray children or animals living out the actual lesson of that letter's devotional.  It was fun just to look at the picture and discuss what was going on and what could be learned from each one.  At the end of each devotional was a small list of discussion questions.  Some of the questions just ask things about the picture, helping the child to gain observational skills, and some of the questions were deeper, drumming up conversation between Jacob and myself about the subject at hand.  He was able to take what was learned and figure out how he could apply that to his own life.   There is also a Scripture to go with each letter.

I enjoyed reading these to them before school each day last week.  It gave us just a nice, quiet time together, and a double plus that I could hold Jaden, who is usually not sitting still for more than a few seconds.:)  You can get Big Thoughts for Little People for  $14.99 from Tyndale.


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