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Friday, October 30, 2009

* Mom2Mom - Doing One on One with Each of our Children *

I have one child but I also do daycare, bringing my child total to three on weekdays and four on Saturdays. Ages are



3 1/2


     In the first weeks, I attempted to do things with them as a group. It worked to a point but then, it turned into total frustration.

     Even more frustration came when I tried to teach them something. Colors for example. If one child responded to my question of "What color is this?", first, with the wrong answer, the other two children inevitably responded with the wrong answer.
      I'm a bit slow sometimes. After weeks of this happening, I had an ah-ha moment one day, to start teaching them in one-on-one times. Granted, this is hard and takes up most of the hours in my day - hours that are precious and in which I would like to be doing things like sewing or working out - but the results have been awesome.

      With one-on-one time, the child I'm working with, seems to get it. Instead of being led astray by wrong answers and instead of competing for my ears, they actually take the time to think through their answer. Not only that, the one-on-one time usually ends with a cuddle or two, as they seem to just soak in the fact they got undivided attention.

     This takes time. And it takes creativity. One child learns colors by playing with a Colors and Shapes Puzzle  

. Another learns best with Color Flash Cards

Still another learns with hands-on, like playing with Play-Doh 

      Motherhood is a sacrifice. It is a sacrifice of money, sleep, and often, time. It would be easier if each child could learn best in a group setting. And yet, if they did, I would miss that light bulb moment that I glimpse first hand. I would miss the random arms around my neck because they are so excited I'm doing something with them. I would miss watching them learn a new color and clap because they got it.

     And I would miss really getting to know each child. Their personality and their learning style. When I do this one-on-one with them, so much more than just teaching them colors happens. I am learning. I am learning what makes them tick and I am learning what they love to do.

    My kiddo that does playdough?  He loves to draw. Art is his style, learning-wise and talent wise. Because I know this, I now seek out opportunities for him to enhance those talents.

       My girl that loves flashcards?  Books and reading is her thing, even at 2. So I seek to expose her to as many books as possible, even showing her what words I'm reading sometimes.

      Puzzle girl?  She loves to move. All the time. Her passion is dancing. After we move puzzle pieces, we get up and we dance together. Then, with as much abandon as she just used to dance, she jumps on me to hug me.

     These are moments I don't feel I have time for most days and yet, they are moments I can't afford to miss. They become mental snapshots in my mind of each individual child. Snapshots that I will carry with me as they progress into childhood and adolescents. My prayer, is they are snapshots for the children too.

What about you?

  • Do you make it a point to spend one-on-one with each one of your children on a daily basis? This can be hard for you moms that have multiple children (I know!) but it's so crucial.
  • What are your different children's learning styles?
  • What are your children's passions and strengths? Are you seeing to ehance those through various means?

From my mama's heart to yours,

Melissa j


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