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Friday, October 23, 2009

Copper Bookmarks From Five Star Publications

Mel's Thoughts:
Have you ever been in the middle of a book that you just couldn't put down, and then one of the kids started screaming that the baby was playing in the toilet?!  You had to run quick, but you had no bookmark, so you quickly just threw whatever you had at your fingertips, be it a tissue, money, or even a pencil, in the book to hold your place.  Yeah, sometimes we don't want to just go and buy bookmarks because either they will get lost, or the kids will inevitably rip them up, so why spend the money?  I've even found myself using old church bulletins or business cards just because I couldn't find a bookmark. 

We recently had the opportunity to review these little beauties for Five Star Pulications.  They are copper bookmarks with Swarovski crystals and pearls, and I myself received the angel bookmark.  They come in an angel, a paw print for animal lovers, or a star.  They are very small and petite.  I love my angel, because it's just so cute.  The bookmark fits quite nicely into my book and doesn't fall out, because the curve (like a candycane) holds the bookmark in place, snugly, over the book binding.  The angel is free to dangle around....and it's just adorable.  It's quite stylish. 

Would I recommend it for kids?  Well, I would recommend it for older children, but probably not for mine yet.  Since it is made out of copper, the edges are sharper than what I feel comfortable handing my boys right now, at their particular ages.  To be honest, I'd rather keep it intact right now too, and with my youngest, that might not happen.  He's the type who takes all the wheels off of all his cars.  I can definitely feel that it is a bookmark that I will keep around for a good long time, though.

Here is a gift guide that Five Star sent along with the bookmarks:
High-end, custom-designed Five Star Copper Bookmarks are made exclusively with quality copper and Swarovski crystals and pearls, making them ideal for avid readers and gift giving. They come in three 3-1/2-inches-tall designs: a serene angel made with a divine crystal and opulent pearl; a paw print, which sports a teal or amethyst crystal; and a crystal-packing star. Retail: $11.95. www.FiveStarPublications.com.

(Disclosure: We were provided with this free product by Five Star Publications.)


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