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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TOS Crew: Studypod

Mel participated in this review with the Crew.

A couple weeks ago, we went out to the mailbox to find another package from the Crew, and when I opened it, I wasn't quite sure what it was at first. After I read over the box, though, I quickly got excited. Have you ever tried to hold a book open, a book that doesn't want to stay open, and write at the same time? Especially for younger kids, it can be a task just writing, let alone having to wrestle that big book open at the same time. That's where the Studypod comes in.

I am loving our new Studypod. Although Jacob has used it for school, I also plan on using it in the kitchen to hold my cookbooks when I'm making that batch of cookies or that apple pie.

The Studypod looks like a plastic book; in fact, it is small enough that I could fit it into my purse or into Jacob's backpack. It's very easy to open up and situate too. You simply swivel the prop rod until you feel it snap in place, then you open up the Studypod itself and slide the locking pin into place, so it can't close. There are two little shelves that you then flip down to rest your book on, and the two wires pop out to hold your pages open for you. Then it just sits on your desktop as you write or read. Inside the Studypod is a little pouch to hold little things like maybe a highlighter or small calculator.

It's such a handy thing to have around. It worked so well for Jacob with any type of copywork because he didn't have to struggle so. I love that we can put it beside the computer for him as well; or if I'm writing an article, I can prop my book on it and be able to type without having to hold a book open in front of me. Plus it stores easily because it's so compact.


The Studypod sells for $19.95 and comes in different colors, including black, blue, and pink.

Right now, for our readers, Studypod is offering a $5 discount if you use this coupon code at checkout: TOSBLOG5.

For more reviews on the Studypod, check out the TOS Crew Blog.


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