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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

* 3D Think and Blink, #'s and Shapes, Flash Cards

3D Think and Blink, #'s and Shapes, Flash cards
by School Zone Publishing Company
Ages 3 - 6, Retail $7.99

I have a confession to make. These flash cards fascinate me and I'm a 34 year old woman. :-) Usually flash cards that change from one picture to another as you move them, tend to blur the two pictures together. Not these cards . . . .

. . . these cards have two distinct pictures on them and I'm not the only one fascinated! My 22 month old loves them and continually moves them back and forth to watch the picture change.

Think and Blink Numbers and Shapes flash cards are more than entertainment however. They teach numbers and shapes. The number concept is taught with the actual number being one picture and a certain amount of objects for the other picture. Shapes are taught by an entire picture scene, which when moved, brings out only the shape.

The colors are bright, the card material sturdy. This is a great way to teach numbers and shapes to your small child and is worth more than the $7.99 you will pay for them.


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