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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

* Featured Blogger, The Mommy Trade *

Today's featured blogger is Aimee from The Mommy Trade. I love, love, love, her idea of highlighting other blogs on Saturdays!  What a great way to help out fellow bloggers. I think I may start doing that.  Seeing that Aimee has a schedule for her blog, inspired me to create my own schedule as well. Hopefully that will eliminate the "what do I write today" problem. :-)  Thanks Aimee!

Stop by, say hello to Aimiee. Better yet, become a follower, stumble or digg (or whatever else) a post of hers, or favorite her on Technorati.

Name:   Aimee

Blog URL:   http://www.themommytrade.com

What's your favorite junk food?
   Tolberone Chocolate! Yummy!  

What is your passion in life?  My Passion in life is Christ. I work to keep Him at the center of my life and the center of our home. If He isn't first then everything else is in vain. My passion is to figure out how to teach and to train my girls so that they will grow up and choose to believe what Christ has done for them. I have other things in life that I enjoy but this is #1 for me. 

What are you known for?  Being organized and my beautiful little girls! (I'll admit I had to ask a friend what she thought the answer for this was - I don't think I'm all that organized but I work towards that because if I can get it in order it just might not happen right!)    

What do you do for fun?   Do I have time for fun?? Well when I do get some down time I like to travel to visit friends. And because life doesn't let that happen every weekend I also love to spend time with my family and I like to blog for fun :)   

What's the meaning behind your blog name?  I named my blog "The MommyTrade" because I really want it to be a place where we as moms can go to learn about the trade of being a mom (and a wife and homemaker too!). For whatever reason in life I like to observe, learn and then pass on all different types of random information. This blog truly is the best outlet for me to share this information. I am a "newer mom" as my girls are 3 and 1 ... and as I learn different tips and trick in this season of life I love to pass them on! One major area of focus on my blog right now is saving money. Life is such that I (and many others) are having to be more frugal than ever- so as I find great deals I live to pass them on! 

What do you blog about?  Oh well I kinda answered that above but a basic schedule that you can expect on The MommyTrade is as follows:
Sunday: I link to drugstore deals in Southern California

Monday: My weekly menu plan
Tuesday: I do a weekly feature called "Tricks of the Trade"
Wednesday  Ralph's and Stater Brothers grocery match ups for So.Cal with links to Albertsons and Vons deals. I also post "wordless Wednesdays" Pictures
Thursdays: the third Thursday of the month I have a guest writter write about "Handmade on a Budget"
Fridays: nothing specific
Saturday: I do a "Saturday Spotlight" highlighting posts from other blogs that I love and think my readers will enjoy too

Through out the week I also post great deals and printable coupons I find. Coming up in October I will be writing a series on couponing. 

Give us some links to some of your favorite posts.

My favorite posts are my "Tricks of the Trade" posts I do on Tuesdays so here are a few of my favorite of those:



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