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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

* Review of the Playmobil Advent Calendar *

*I received a complimentary product through Momselect for review purposes. 
 The last thing to highlight in my Momselect Holiday Package, is the Playmobil Advent Calendar, Knights Duel. 

The very day this package came, I was remarking to my husband that I wish I could find an Advent Calendar that was more than just lifting flaps on a piece of cardboard. This was it!

It took a little bit of setting up. The boxes had to be assembled and then filled with the different parts to the display, but once I figured out what I was doing, it went quickly. The end display is a scene that will delight any little boy,  complete with treasure chests full of precious stones and coins and knights with swords and shields! Each day, your child opens a box that contains a piece to complete the scene. A shield one day, a table the next, swords another day.

The trouble I ran into, in my household however, is the daycare kids couldn't handle just doing one box at a time. They wanted to play with it immediately. Because the boxes contained parts to a whole, I could understand their frustration. For example, one day contained a fire pit that looked like nothing to a small child. Only I, knowing that the rest of that part was coming the following day, looked at it and knew what it was.

As a result of great frustration and constant begging, all the boxes ended up being opened the same day. It just made my life easier in the end. 

This wasn't a completely bad thing. The boys played with this display for hours.

The one other drawback I had to this Advent kit were the little coins and "jewels" that filled the chests. While they thrilled the boys, playing with this treasure resulted in tiny pieces all over my dining room floor- - again and again and again. For a neat freak like me, this drove me up the wall and finally, they were bagged and shelved. The boys then had to use their imaginations to fill their treasure chests, not the tiny pieces.

For those looking for alternative Advent calendars, Playmobil offers quite a few. For the boys, is this kit, for girls, there is a unicorn fairy world. There is also a Pirates Advent Kit and a Police Advent Kit.


Devildogwife December 15, 2009 at 10:24 AM  

Sounds like a fun Advent Calendar.

My house would drive you nuts. lol! My daughter likes to use the "punches" from a 3 hole punch as "food" for her play animals. I find them all over the house. ;)

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