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Monday, December 14, 2009

* Product Review *

I received the opportunity through MomSelect to test out the BrytonPick.  I was a bit hesitant about using it. Because it has a metallic apperance, my initial thoughts were, "This is going to cut my gums!"  I used it very slowly for the first two teeth.

I couldn't get it through them. Then I figured out that I was trying in insert it right through the middle of them, and I instead needed to insert it starting at the top. When I did that, it went in quite a bit easier.

Although the entire time I used it I was nervous about it hurting my gums, it didn't. It is not a product that is to be used for below the gum-line cleaning.

What's more there was tartar on the metal strip as I pulled it out from my teeth. I have never seen that with floss before! It made me feel like it was actually working.

The Brytonpick is easier to use than floss but it doesn't feel as thorough, simply because it doesn't go below the gum-line like floss does. Still, it's a great little device to carry around in ones purse or wallet. It's not bulky like floss or even floss sticks and it does do it's job between teeth!

For those that are anxious about using it, although it looks like hard metal, it's actually flexible and soft and thin. The site also provides instructional videos on how to use it correctly to help users get started.  Right now, these are going at promotional prices and overall, I think it's a product worth buying.


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