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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

* Featured Blogger: Mommy Has to Work *

I felt like I met a kindred spirit when I went to Anne's blog, Mommyhastowork.   She is into green living and saving money. That's right up my alley!

Here's what she had to say to our featured blogger questions:

Blog URL - http://mommyhastowork.blogspot.com

What's your favorite junk food?  Kandy Kakes

What is your passion in life? To be a good mom

What are you known for?  lately- being a recycle nut! - my laughter

What do you do for fun? Play with my children 

What's the meaning behind your blog name?  well, when my son wants me to go to school for a function or ride bikes to school, I say "Mommy Has to Work"

What do you blog about? I blog about life and my kids, going green and recycling. I'm on a quest to find eco-friendly products to review and giveaway to my readers. I really enjoy blogging, but it can be hard with everything else going on.

Give us some links to some of your favorite posts.
Getting Ready for Halloween

List any giveaways you're doing: Right now:
Greenraising Recycled Wrapping Paper and Water Bottle - a site that promotes eco-friendly products for fundraising
GlassDharma - Glass straws - win a $25.00 gift certificate
Lulu Green - Cloth Napkins - stop wasting paper napkins and reuse cloth ones!


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