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Friday, December 18, 2009

* Did You Know Devotions - 2 *

Put out by Tyndale Kids
Softcover $13.99
Ages 6 - 10

Why do you get thirsty?
Why is it easier to walk than stand still?
How does a sponge hold so much water with all those holes?
What's the largest living thing on earth?
Why do we blink?

Any question that a child may have, will probably be in the Did You Know Devotions 2? written by Nancy S. Hill. It's a fun book that can be read at any point, without having to rely on the the previous days reading to make sense.

Each day has a new question, with the answer. Then it goes further.  It draws in a verse, that was written under the title, and shows how the trivia presented can tie in to a child's spiritual life. As is written on the Tyndale site:

Kids ages 6-10 love trivia, and this devotional is chock-full of interesting and sometimes silly facts. Each fact is explained briefly; the theme of the fact is then used to share a biblical truth as well as a Bible verse. The Bible message and verses tie directly to the theme of the facts, providing a better opportunity for kids to remember and apply the biblical message. What car was the first car Henry Ford built? Why do we say o’clock? Which American candy was named after someone’s daughter? Find the answers to these questions and learn a biblical lesson by reading The One Year Did You Know Devotions 2.

For families that have not yet begun the family tradition of daily devotions or for those that have, but are looking for something new, this Devotional book is a great addition to any family library.


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