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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Green Toys, Inc.: Recycling Truck

Mel's Thoughts:

Jaden has a new sidekick; this sidekick showed up today on our front doorstep, via the UPS man.  He will not part with this sidekick, even to sleep.  This new sidekick is Green Toys' Recycling Truck

Green Toys is a company who specializes in making just that: green, earth-friendly toys, made out of recycled plastic and other environmentally-friendly materials.  They use mostly recycled plastic milk jugs.  Other factors that add in include being made locally in California, so resources aren't being used to ship them....and their packaging is as eco-friendly as possible, using as little packaging as possible.  Their toys also pass a number of tests for toy safety.

The truck itself is very durable and oh so cute!  I would never guess that it is made out of recycled milk jugs.  It is a bright green color, which automatically makes it attractive to the eye.  It has a movable, enclosed bed with slats in the side of it, so that the boys can slip the recyclables down into it.  It actually comes with little cardboard recyclables (little cardboard squares with pics of recyclables on them)....I think Jaden loved sticking them through the slats, taking them out, and doing it all over again, even more than the truck.  It really occupied his attention for a while.  The bed of the truck also has a door that opens up on the back, so that he can dump the contents out onto the floor.  The wheels are the big, chunky wheels, and there are no metal axles, as to make it more eco-friendly. 

This truck could not only be used as a wonderful toy for your children to play with, but you could use it to teach them about the importance of recycling and being as eco-friendly as possible, in order to take care of our home here on Earth.  It would be a great tool to start teaching what kinds of things you use every day that could be recycled.  Good habits start early on.....

I highly recommend Green Toys to any mother, who is looking for eco-friendly toys that make a great addition to any child's shelf, not to mention a wonderful addition underneath the Christmas tree this year (children 3+).  They have trucks, dish & cookware sets, jump ropes, tool sets, etc.  Priced at $21.19 on Amazon, I feel that this is a good price, especially compared to other, less "green" toys that are found on the store shelves.  Good, durable toys are hard to come by these days, without paying a pretty price for them.....so I definitely recommend Green Toys to any family.

Melissa J's Thoughts

 I have a girlie-girl. She loves her dress up clothes, purses, necklaces, and "make up". So I was surprised that she took to the recycling truck from Green Toys the way she did! I figured my daycare boy would love it (he does) but really thought my daughter would pass by it on her way to the girl toys. Not so!  She was fascinated with it! Even more so when I cut out the little recyclables for her. Oh my goodness, talk about endless entertainment, to put those recyclables in the truck over and over again, and then take them out! 

As a Mama, who is seeking to live an all-natural, green lifestyle, I was thrilled with this toy. We recycle daily in our house and I laughed as I threw away a milk jug yesterday, knowing I had just gotten a toy made out of milk jugs. Nothing like giving purpose to the task of recycling!  What an awesome idea too, that Green Toys has come up with. Not only are they using recycled products for their toys, in this case, they used the cardboard packaging for a few extras (the play recyclables were cut out of the cardboard surrounding the truck) and they are teaching recycling besides with this truck!  

The truck is exceptionally sturdy, which I had been wondering about. I guess I heard recycled milk jugs and pictured a toy that was as thin as a milk jug, but not so. This is some heavy duty material and is going to take the battering that daycare kids will be giving it over the years. The door is easy for little fingers to open and the kids enjoy the fact the wheels work so they can "drive" it along the ground. 

Would I recommend Green Toys products based on this truck? In a heartbeat.  While being eco-friendly they have not sacrificed on high quality toys in the process so they are a top-notch toy company in my book!

(Disclosure: We were provided with this product, free of charge, by Green Toys, in association with MamaBuzz.  Opinions expressed are solely that....our opinions.)


Flo November 13, 2009 at 2:48 PM  

we have the same truck and our son loves it. I've been a fan of Green Toys for about a year now. We also own the indoor plant kit. Thank God for companies like this who understand the responsibility they have of providing quality toys for children.

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