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Monday, November 16, 2009

Five Star Publications: Saving Animals Finger Puppets

*Disclosure: Mama Buzz, and reviewers, received these complimentary Five Star Publication Finger Puppets, for review purposes.

Melissa J's Thoughts:

Thanks to tiny little creatures that sit on my finger, compliments Five Star Publications, my daughter is being potty trained! These tiny creatures are the cutest ever, finger puppets. In the six days that we have had them, they have been put to use, multiple times a day. They have been used:
~ To help her sit quietly through a church service
~ To entertain her during a Bible study, home group.
~ As a toy during every day life.
~ As a way to get her to participate in conversation. She loves to talk to the little boy finger puppet and will talk longer and more profusely with that, than she will with me!
~ As a training tool for potty training. Given the above statement, we use the little boy finger puppet to get her on the potty and actually use it. It's our magic tool for potty training and I am forever grateful!
In our package we received the little boy puppet, the kangaroo, snake, mouse, and owl. Although the little boy is her favorite, my 2 year old daughter is enamored with all five of them. She can sit for a full half hour, placing them on my hands and giggling and responding as they all talk to her (in high, screechy voices of course) and then, it's her turn to wear them and talk to me with them!

If I had seen these finger puppets, I probably would have passed right by them and never bought them. What a loss that would have been! They are worth every penny that they cost and I guarantee your child will have endless hours of fun with them! Perhaps, they can even help you potty train!

Mel's Thoughts:
Five Star Publications sent us a little package that I never would have dreamed would be that entertaining for my kids, but Jaden took right up with them.  They sent us the Saving Animals Finger Puppets that go along with Samuel Lopez's Saving Animals book series.  They are so cute, and there are five of them.  There is a child, an owl (which Jaden wanted to try on first), a snake, a cat, and a mouse.

These finger puppets are very entertaining for my toddler, who got a kick out of the snake hissing at him from my fingers.  They fit snugly over my fingers, and they actually fit his little fingers pretty well, albeit a little loose.  They are handmade out of yarn (not sure if they are crocheted or knitted), but they also have great little detail for being made out of yarn.  Even the snake has a long, hissing tongue sticking out of his mouth.  The kangaroo and mouse have cute little ears.  I have to say the owl is my favorite, and I wish we had it last year when we were studying owls in science.:) 

I can see myself using these quite a bit in the future.  Melissa J. has mentioned using them with potty-training, and I would like to see how they work for us, as well, as we will be starting that here very soon.  They will also make great illustrations for some of the books we read.  Who knows?  Jacob could even use them to put on a puppet show for all of us, which I'm sure my dramatic, hilarious boy would love to do.  Another way I might use them is to distract Jaden's attention when it comes time for doctor appointments, shots, grocery shopping, etc. 

Priced at $12.95 on Five Star Publications, they are, in my opinion, a great addition to any child's library or toy shelves, or even to Mom's homeschooling supplies.   Here is a gift guide that Five Star sent:
Parents and teachers looking to inspire children to read more – and have more fun while doing it – get a hand with Five Star Finger Puppets. Handmade in the U.S. with soft, durable, hand-washable yarn, they are child safe with no removable parts and come in packages of five that include owl, snake, child, dog and cat characters. Retail: $12.95. www.fivestarpuppets.com.


Stephanie November 16, 2009 at 7:24 AM  

Little Girl loved these! :-)

Posted and pinged!

Sarah November 16, 2009 at 2:07 PM  

So much fun!


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