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Monday, October 5, 2009

MRM Classroom: Word Wall Words

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Mel's Thoughts:
In our family, we homeschool our children (well, Jacob, but I'm working on colors and shapes with Jaden right now); anyway, with homeschooling, we're always on the lookout for interesting and useful products and tools we can use to supplement the boys' education.  Recently, we had the opportunity to review MRM Classroom's Word Wall Words

The Word Wall Words are an educational tool to help kids learn their sight words, the words that can be harder to remember, because basic spelling rules sometimes don't apply.  Sight words are also high frequency words that are used every single day by anyone.  I was pretty excited, because I thought these would make a great supplement to our spelling program....and they have.  Each set of Word Wall Words comes in a packet for a particular grade level; there is a packet for first grade and a packet for second grade.  We dug into the second grade packet, since the words go along with what we are learning right now.  The packet is a really nice, sturdy box type folder, and all of the pages fit down inside of it.  It even has a convenient carry handle and closes up with velcro, so if we have to go somewhere, and Jacob wants to take it along, it's easy to handle and not lose everything.  

Each page that is included in the packet has a different sight word, embedded in an abstract design.  Jacob finds and colors the sight word  in one color, and then he is free to color the rest of the design however he wishes; he has come up with some pretty unique creations.   This makes for a great arts and crafts learning activity as well.   I love the theory behind this kind of activity, because it makes a great activity for visual learners and for kinesthetic learners as well.  It gives both a visual example and a hands-on experience. 

At $19.95, and with over 100 sheets in each packet, this is a great value.  The activity sheets could be spread out throughout the year in lesson plans and make a great supplement to any phonics/spelling program.  Not only can the kids color the words, but they can take the sheets they have done, and they can make their own books out of them.  They could hang them on the wall for wall decor that also has learning appeal; they could laminate them and place them on a ring or in a binder.  There is no end to what could be done with these sheets. 

So far, Jacob has colored four of the sheets, but we plan to use them throughout the rest of the year.  He has sat for an hour or two at a time coloring these, and for Jacob (if you know him at all), he doesn't sit like that.  He is up doing something all the time.  He actually comes to me and asks if he can do more when he's done with the one he has been doing.  It's so cool!  So, not only is it a great learning tool, but he is loving it at the same time, which makes my Mama's heart so glad. 

Would I recommend the Word Wall Words?  You bet, in a heartbeat!  To learn more about MRM Classroom and their educational products, check them out at MRM Classroom Connections, LLC.

Here is a press release about the Word Wall Words:
Product press release:

These educational activity kits help children practice and learn the sight words, necessary for reading and writing. Children color a graphically designed sight word and “find” the hidden word.

“The product is creative and artistic,” said Maria Rios-Marrero of MRM Classroom Connections.

“Children who love to color or create an artistic product will love this kit. Children who are having trouble reading will interact with words in a fun manner.”

This product is a 2008 iParenting Media Best Product of the Year Award winner and Mom’s Choice Award winner.

Launch date: September 2007

Melissa j's take:

I have a confession to make. . . When I saw these packages of Word Wall Words, I wanted to open them and start coloring them myself. They remind me of those fun books you can buy at craft stores, that have neat designs to color. More than designs however, are high frequency words, relevant to the grade the package is geared towards.  

It's easy to see why World Wall Words have won the Mom's Choice Awards, Honoring Excellence, the iParenting Media Winner Aware, and Creative Toy Awards, Product of the Year Award. It's an ingenious concept that MRM Cassroom Connections has come up with!  It moves away from static text book learning and launches into the dynamic world of arts and crafts learning. 

World Wall Words come package in sturdy, colorful folders which contain alphabetized lists for the words that are contained within the package. 

I don't have a child old enough to use this product. . . yet! But when she is old enough, you can be sure I will be using these World Wall Words with her. In the meantime, I will be recommending this product to every homeschooling mom I know!

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