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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Featured Blogger: Crumbs on My Floor

Crumbs on my floor is such a beautiful blog.  I love her post on how God forces us to grow even when we don't feel our heart is there.....I so felt that way this last Sunday, until worship started, and then He just changed my thoughts....  Thanks for that awesome post!  Her whole blog is just filled with tidbits of wisdom and inspiration.  Enjoy!

Name: crumbsonmyfloor

What's your favorite junk food? Pizza and breadsticks

What is your passion in life? My family.

What are you known for? Had 4 babies at home with a midwife.

What do you do for fun? Love to scrapbook, when I have the time.

What's the meaning behind your blog name? 5 kids. There is alwasy something on the bottom of my feet when I walk on my kitchen floor. Even if I just cleaned it.

What do you blog about? I look at it as an outlet for me. We are so busy with the kids and work that I don't really have much of a life for me. So my blog is a place where I can type away at it. Gives me a break from things.

Give us some links to some of your favorite posts.


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