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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

* What is Mama Buzz? *

The Beginning of the Buzz . . .

Melissa J, the founder of Mama Buzz, entered the world of product testing and review in 2003. She joined the world of book reviews in 2008.

It's been a fun ride. Mailbox trips have been fun because packages of all shapes and sizes have filled that black box throughout the years.

However, in the early summer of 2009, Melissa realized something was missing. In all the product testing and book reviewing she had done over the years, she could count on two hands, the number of reviews she had done that were geared for children.

She mentioned this to some fellow reviewers. Brainstorming began, and Mama Buzz was born. One fellow reviewer and blogger wanted to join in on the fun. At that point, Mel became a part of the Mama Buzz team.

So, what Exactly, is Mama Buzz?

Mama Buzz is a team of blogging moms who test out anything that's kid related - - books, puzzles, green toys, DVD's, even shoes and clothes. You name it, if it's kid related, we test it out and then buzz about it in the blogosphere.

Blogging is the new advertising and Mama's are the advertisers!

As companies and publishers give us books and products to test, we set up a "tour date" for whatever it is we're testing. After the product has been run through the kid test
and the mom test, our blogging Mamas post their reviews on the specified tour day.

Posting numerous blogs on the same product, on the same day, helps both the product and the company behind the product get recognized on the internet and around the Mama blogosphere. Blogging has become the new advertising, and blogging Mamas have become the new advertisers!

Once the posts are up, Mama Buzz reviewers, who are required to register their blogs with Technorati, have Technorati ping the specific tour url so that search engines can begin crawling all the posts.

For the Love of Testing

Mama Buzz reviewers receive no compensation for buzzing these products. They do, however, receive the products at no cost to them, which they are then allowed to keep.

Become a Mama Buzz Reviewer

If you are interested in becoming one of our reviewers please visit our "Become a Reviewer" page.

Want us to Buzz Your Product?

If you are a company who would like our group to buzz about your product, please visit our page
that we have set up, specifically for you.


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