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Friday, August 28, 2009

TOS Crew: The Old Schoolhouse Planner

Mel participated in this review with the Crew.

Recently, I got accepted to be a part of The Old Schoolhouse CREW. I'm so excited and grateful for this opportunity to be able to review products with them, especially since I'll be actually using these products every day with Jacob and Jaden in our homeschooling adventure.

Anyway, our first trial run review is for
The Old Schoolhouse Planner Ebook. Now, I can't tell you how much I have wanted to get this planner, but I have held out until now. This has to be the most remarkable planner I have ever seen. If you can't find what you're looking for with this planner, then I don't know where to find it because it has everything a homeschooling family could ever need, when it comes to organization and planning.
Not only does this planner have calendars, for 2009-2012 I might add, and scheduling/appointment sheets, but it also has one lesson in a different subject for each month; for example, the month of July has a lesson on The Thirteen Colonies. It also offers teaching suggestions and resources available through The Old Schoolhouse Store, as well as two new recipes for each month. I especially liked the month of April because it focuses on lap books, which is something we are gradually trying to learn how to implement in our homeschooling plans.

Now, when it comes to forms of any kind, this is the planner for you. The homeschooling forms range from lesson and curriculum planning sheets to evaluation forms to daily schedules to memory work logs to reading logs to field trip logs, etc. There are forms to help you stay organized with all of the materials and resources you have on hand, including books, videos, audios, library resources, etc. There are even book report forms for every age. I am pretty sure that we will be using these this year. One section that especially piqued my interest and that I know for sure I will be using, is the Preschool Activity Box and the Preschool Planner, basically a whole preschool section. The Preschool Activity Box gives several suggestions as to different boxes that can be put together to keep your preschooler (toddler in my case) busy because we all know they just want to be a part of our school day too.

Household forms abound also, from emergency phone numbers and information to cleaning schedules and chore charts for even the smallest members of your families. I've already determined to use the Household Inventory sheets as soon as we are settled into our new home; that way, I can have a record of what we own, material wise, within our house. You won't even need a separate address book because there is a whole printable address book within the pages of this planner.

As for my opinion, well, I think you already know; I love it! I really feel this is going to help our family in the coming year to stay more organized and on top of things.
The Schoolhouse Planner is offered in The Old Schoolhouse Store for $39.00, no shipping, because it is completely downloadable. That way, you can even save money by only printing the sheets that your family will need and use.

If you are interested in reading more reviews, you can check out the Homeschool CREW Blog.


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