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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

* For Companies and Publishers *

In today's world of the world wide web, social networking sites, and the blogosphere . . .

Blogging Mama's are the new advertisers and blogs are the new ad!

Are you interested in pushing your kid-related book or product out into the blogosphere, so that word quickly spreads about it?

We're interested in helping make that happen for you!

Mama Buzz came about as we, the founders of Mama Buzz, realized in all our book reviewing, product testing, and free-lance writing, that opportunities for reviews about kid-related books and products were limited. As dedicated stay-at-home moms, we wanted to change that. Mama Buzz was born!

That's the short end of the story. If you want "the rest of the story" you can check it out at What is Mama Buzz?

How does it work?

Option 1

Publishers and Companies can take advantage of the traffic that visits the Mama Buzz site and request a one-time post to promote their product.

The cost for this one-time post is $40, payable through Paypal.com.

It is helpful to have the book or product being promoted, be sent to both Melissa and Mel, so that they can do a joint review with first-hand knowledge of the product being promoted. However, this is not necessary in order to use this option.

Option 2 (our most popular option)

Publishers and companies send out a certain number of review copies that our reviewers and their children test out. Those reviewers then blog about it on a specific day, called a "Tour Day". After the posts are up, we have our reviewers ping them with Pingomatic.com, which pings major search engines such as Technorati, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With several well-read blogs in the blogsphere, all posting on the same product or book on the same day, search engines sit up and take notice! This helps a book or product get noticed, not only by search engines, but also by the moms who frequent these blogs.

This site has also been listed on major search engines, such as BING, Yahoo, MSN, and Google, as well as over twenty secondary search engines.

Who reviews?

We are currently recruiting reviewers for Mama Buzz. We are asking that our reviewers blogs be listed with Technorati and carry an authority of at least 5 or more with an additional ranking of 500,000 or less - -and growing.

We have additional guidelines set up that you can check out on our Become a Reviewer and Creating a Comprehensive Review page. We take our reviewing seriously and will not be opposed to dismissing bloggers who do not live up to our standards - and that includes writing weak reviews!

What do we review?

Anything kid or Mama related. Our specific categories include:

* Family Oriented Resources
* Resources for Mama
* Homeschool Resources
* Books/products for Infants
* Books/products for Toddlers (1's and 2's)
* Books/products for Toddlers (3's and 4's)
* Books/products for K - 2nd grade
* Books/products for 3rd -4th grade
* Books/products for 5th -6th grade
* Books/products for Jr High
* Books/products for Sr High

How it works for you, the publisher/company

1. You send us an email, telling us there is a product available for testing or a book available for reviewing. Give us the tour date you would like to schedule, the age group the product/book belongs to, and how many products or books are available to our reviewers. In this email, include a contact name and email as well.

2. We will then send out the information in a mass email to our reviewers.

3. They are responsible to get in touch with the contact person, stating their interest in the product, their blog URL, and their mailing address.

4. Your company is responsible for the product/book mailing to each individual reviewer.

5. Send us, here at Mama Buzz, a list of what reviewers were accepted for the tour.

6. Include in that same email any images, press releases, or product links that you want our reviewers to include in their reviews. You may also want to include any significant key words you want inserted into the tags, title, or body of the post for search engine purposes.

7. Twenty-four hours after the scheduled tour, we will go around to the different blogs to make sure they posted. We then will send you an email with the links of each of the posts that went up about your book/product.

~ We ask that for a tour, you offer a minimum of two products/books to test, which Melissa J and Mel will test and review on this blog, in a joint review. Beyond the two minimum we request, the maximum number that you decide to have tested and reviewed is completely up to you.

*Please note: Melissa J. and Mel will always test and offer a review for every single blog tour that Mama Buzz does. This will always be done here on the Mama Buzz site and will be listed in addition to our reviewers' blogs.

Contact Us to Set up Your Tour!

We can be contacted at mamabzz@yahoo.com

If you prefer to communicate with us via the phone, email us a number that we can reach you at, and we will call you within three business days of receiving your email.

** Please keep in mind, that although we are not a Christian company, the women behind Mama Buzz do practice the Christian faith. We reserve the right at any time, to turn down a potential book/product review if it contradicts the tenets of our faith!


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